The Ancient Egyptians

Adam Ashcroft

Sitting on the east bank of the Nile between the Fifth and Sixth Cataracts, Meroe seems to have been an important royal residence since the eighth century BC. But when the Napatan kings decided to move the burial place of royalty to Meroe in the third century BC, it greatly strengthened the importance of the city. The kings brought with them, the influences of the Egyptian religions, merging them with the strong roots of the Meroitic religion. Also added into the mix was a Graeco-Roman influence and possibly, due to the opening of more trade routes to the east, an Asian influence.

Because we still do not fully understand the Meroitic language, our limited understanding of the religion of Meroe is mainly taken from the relief's on the walls of their temples. Not being the builders of many structures, further limits our knowledge. However, from what we do know, the Meroitic religion was, on the face of it, similar to the Ancient Egyptian religion. They incorporated Egyptian gods, as well as having indigenous gods of their own. The iconography was also similar, again adapting to suit their religion.

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Comparing the Religions of Meroe and Ancient Egypt